Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install Swift Chat to My Website?

The process of installing/embedding SwiftChat live chat customer support window to your website is pretty simple. You just need to sign up and get the JavaScript code which you would receive in the 3rd step of sign up process.

Now put this code into your website’s HTML head and you are good to go.

Here is the simple virtual guide:

  1. In the first step, you’ll have to provide your company’s details.
    • Enter your company’s name.
    • Enter the name of the website that you’d like to have SwiftChat on.
    • Enter the domain or website for which you want SwiftChat to be configured.
  2. In the second step, here is your code which you have to put in your website’s html head section for enabling/installing chat widget in your website.
  3. Now finally, you’ll have to invite your support agents. Enter their email addresses so that they can be invited to use SwiftChat.

After completing these 3 steps you will be launched into the main dashboard menu. You can keep this code saved or can get it anytime from within the app settings>>>Installation tab.

What limitations does free account have? And what features can free account access?

You can access all features in a free account including live screen monitoring of your visitors but the only restriction is you cannot have more than 2 customer service agents excluding you in a free account.

  • Visitor Browsing History and Geo Location
  • Type Ahead Indicator
  • Live Assist to Customer by (Screen Monitoring)
  • History of previous chats of that customer
  • Performance reports of chats, agents, visitors, etc (visitor analytics)
  • Pre Chat Survey
  • Agent Offline Form to post details when no agent is online
  • Widget UI customization

What types of analytics are available in the SwiftChat application?
  1. Daily, weekly, Monthly or custom date reports.
  2. Active Visitors Count, Pending Chats, Active Chats, Active Agents, Pages Visit Count, Chat Started Count, Session Count, Visitor Location, Time on website.

Is the Chat Window Customizable or can I customize chat widget as per my brand’s personality?

Yes, absolutely and you know what “it is super easy”. Just go to the settings and select widget settings, here you can go full custom in designing your widget as per your brand’s personality or choose from the readymade color choices. Next comes position of the widget and SwiftChat provides you option to decide where you want your chat widget to appear on your website.

After Clicking Settings Button you will be launched into this window

Here you need to select widget settings to customize outlook of your chat window

How to reset my SwiftChat password when I have forgotten it?
  1. Come to login page and click forgot password.
  2. Now give your email address and you would receive a password reset email at your provided email address.
  3. Then you will receive email like this.
  4. Open it and click reset your Password.