Top Programming Languages Trends in 2021

Top programming languages trends

Top Programming Languages Trends in 2021

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Keeping up with the top programming languages trends is essential if developers want to make sure that they adopt the best technologies present.

Here are the top programming languages trends in 2021

  1. Python is poised to grow.


Not the snake, the language, is all set to grow and be even more widely adopted than it is today. (apologies for the pun)

The thing that makes Python so popular is that it is extremely easy to learn and start using. The syntax is very user-friendly and readable.

Without a doubt, the top programming language in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Not only that, but it’s also fairly popular for backend and desktop development.

Another thing that makes Python so appealing is that it is open source and the Python developer community is very active. You will find a wealth of libraries to do almost anything you need.

Companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, among others, use Python, so you can rest assured that the demand will still be there when you end up becoming a master Pythonista.

Like any other programming language, Python does have its not-so-great points.

It has a slower execution speed, consumes a fair bit of memory, and is not yet usable for mobile app development.

With everything said and analyzed, if you want to pursue a career in data science or AI, the best time to start learning Python is right now.

Or, if you want to get into programming but want to start with something that’s easy to learn, go for Python.


  1. JavaScript is still going to be relevant.

Let’s face it. Websites are not going anywhere. If anything, the number of websites is only going to grow and grow.

Chances are, every website you visit has some JavaScript on it. Currently, approximately 97% of websites use JavaScript, so that you can imagine its popularity by its widespread use.

JavaScript is relatively easy to learn. If you have some experience with other programming languages, you will not have difficulty adjusting to JS.

When learning JavaScript, it’s best to know HTML and CSS beforehand or while you’re learning JS. This will help prepare you for an entry-level position in web development.

You should keep in mind while learning JavaScript because many people are experts in the language. Since it’s so widely used, the demand for more developers is less than other languages like Kotlin, etc.

You will need to stand out from other JS developers if you want to get recruiters to give you some much-needed attention. You can make your standing more credible if you write online, are part of JS discussions, and are actively polishing your JS skills.


  1. Solidity will solidify its position in the blockchain space.

As of this article’s writing, Solidity is the most dominant and widely-used programming language for blockchain.

Solidity is used for writing smart contracts.

People who have had prior experience with other programming languages like C++ and JS will find Solidity’s syntax to be pretty similar and easy to get used to.

Solidity is secure and reliable, considering that it is a relatively new language. That being said, Solidity does have its limitations.

Once a contract is made in Solidity, it cannot be changed. The only source of data comes from transactions, limiting what developers can do. The Solidity community is still in its infancy, meaning that bug resolution or feature addition takes longer than other top programming languages.


  1. Kotlin and Swift will continue to do well.

Mobile app development is still poised to grow. While app downloads might stagnate at a certain point, and companies will have to focus on retaining their app users, mobile apps will continue to be popular.

The value some of the best mobile apps add is incredible and makes sense for people to want more.

Out of all the top programming languages trends mentioned here, Kotlin and Swift’s popularity are perhaps the least surprising.

With that being said, Kotlin and Swift are the two top programming languages in the mobile app development niche.

Kotlin is used for Android development, while Swift is used for iOS development.

Swift is fast and makes scaling applications easier. Swift is a relatively new language and is compatible with Objective C.

Swift’s cons include having backward compatibility issues and that it is comparatively unstable compared to older languages like C++ or Java.

Kotlin is stable, modern, and easy to maintain. Things that any programmer looks for when finding the right language.

But Kotlin is still a new programming language and, as such, does not have a large enough talent pool.


  1. Demand for TypeScript is going to see an increase.

According to the Stack Overflow 2020 dev survey, TypeScript is the 2nd most loved programming language, only behind Rust and taking the place of Python.

While JavaScript has become the go-to language for modern web app development, it was never designed for the complex applications that it is used for today.

TypeScript is a much better alternative to JavaScript if you’re working on something tedious.

Since TypeScript allows static typing, you can avoid common JS errors in your code. TS code is easier to maintain and also easy to refactor if you need to.

TypeScript compiles to JavaScript, which means that you can use it for any application that uses JavaScript. Even if there are any type errors in the code, you will still get a JavaScript file that works.

Although TS has several things going for it at the moment, there are issues as well.

Firstly, it adds another kind of JavaScript that developers are expected to know. TS code can be bloated and unnecessarily lengthy at times, which can slow down the development speed.


The popularity of a programming language, or lack of it, is essential to be aware of if you’re a part of the development community.

Top programming languages trends will have an impact on the kind of projects you’re able to secure and your market worth by virtue of being skilled in a particular language.

Once you have a bit of programming experience, changing languages and getting used to the syntax will not be a substantial issue.

By keeping an eye on the top programming languages trends according to client acceptance, potential, and community support, you’ll be in a position to make the best choice.

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