3 Proven Tactics to Make Your Live Chat More Effective

3 Proven Tactics to Make Your Live Chat More Effective

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“Live Chat, chatting window is one of the most powerful sales hack that boost your business effectively” – This and many other facts, figures, and probably many influencers must be the reason behind why you have installed the Live Chat on to your website, isn’t it? If you are doubting any of the facts, or benefits that come along with the live chat. When nothing seems to work for your business, then you are at the right place.

The power of converting conversations into conversions is still with all the advantages and effectiveness to this date. The fact that live chat has done wonders for many businesses from SMEs to big giants like Nikon, Shopify, and Nordstrom. However, what makes your site to perform less than your competitors is not only because of your live chat chatting where you provide real time support, but there are many other reasons you need to consider to fix or enhance for starting to drive sales straight away.

So roll up your sleeves as today and get reassured in a sentence we’ll be sharing proven tactics to make your live chat work better for you:

  • Placement & Design of Live Chat

Placement Is Crucial – Live Chat widget place is one of the most common mistakes that hinder live chat agents in creating the first connection between visitor and companies. Livechat typing widget works as a door to your leads and conversions, and it should not be placed anywhere you want it to set, instead try to adjust it where customers can quickly find it.

The ideal way to place live chat is to first examine all the top and bottom corners of the site on different devices such as mobile, tablet, and desktops especially checking heat map for your website would provide you with more insights on where to place your customer chat support icon. Find what works for your website to place the Chatting window more adaptively. The most sophisticated way generally seen is either top- right or bottom right corner of the page with a sticky icon that runs along the way with scrolling action.

Suggestion: Keep the Live Chat agent icon stick with the footer and customize to make it work best with the mobile and tablet for seamless experience regardless of any devices your customers use. If your LiveChat option does not stick when scrolling down then customer is not going to scroll up again and there is a chance that you might end up losing a potential customer.

Design It Right – When it comes to design or customize the direct express Live Chat, there are three things you need to consider. First is size, second hue, and the third is the text over the LiveChat typing symbol.

We do not suggest to make your live chat overly designed instead make it creative with powerful taglines. Some of the suggested ones are “Hey, Let’s Talk,” “We Are Here,” and “Let’s Chat Here” that grasp the attention and help visitors to start a conversation in real-time with active chat agents.

If you are planning to provide 24/7 live chat support be clear to mention that on the top left of the website to reassure visitors in a sentence and know you are available to talk through live chat support which gives a relief from worrying about not getting assistance immediately. Nothing can replace live customer support as solving queries in real time make customer feel valued and cared.

Suggestion: In most cases, when customer support is not provided to be chatting with you throughout the day with Live Chat, mention the chat support availability time and days to ensure that customers are not left unheard or wait for the response without any proper acknowledgment.

  1. Improve Customer Experience

Be Genuinely Helpful – This year the demand for live chat grew by 8.29%, which indicates how people are getting familiar and dependent on the facilities Live Chat brings and if we see it is a pretty good signal that people are actually realizing their customer support needs and taking measures to serve their visitors in a more profound manner. The fact that people take the experience from the brand interaction and create the perception instantly. Upon receiving positive or negative communication, they tend to suggest and give reviews to peers and fellows that leaves the impact on your brand marketing, respectively.

Therefore, if any visitor comes to your website, take the initiative and start off by asking basic questions from the data you have received on to your dashboard so that you can better understand needs of your visitors too for instance location access in a liveChat support can provide you with what he/she might have come looking for to your website. If your live chat does not do that, then we recommend to try out free live chat support, which gives the visitor’s in-depth insight that helps you to ask more relevant questions.

Try typing indicator – Typing indicator helps chat agents to know the customer intend and what they are currently looking forward on the website. This helps in preparing the answers and give the best suggestions as per the customer’s needs.

Use chat transfer – your chat agents are not required to learn every single detail about the product and services you provide. Therefore, to maintain the quality of chat support, try using Chat Transfer to another person with better knowledge and expertise to provide quality assistance so that your customers are never deprived of best of the best possible service.

  1. Live Chat & CRM tool

Know Customer History – Believe it or not, it is a relief when chat agent replies you with your name and confirm your details rather than asking it over and over again. With live chat, build a strong relationship with your customers, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) especially when CRM is ready to give you purchase, chat, and every history of the customer record to be more productive and efficient for getting better at the real-time support. CRM also helps you manage new customer’s record that enables you to build a better understanding with the returning customers as well in developing improved understanding about the possible future prospects, so we recommend to update it regularly with required details.

Suggestion: Integrate Live Chat with CRM that is to keep your visitor’s record maintained and also managed with purchase history so that the team has a handful of details to communicate more meaningfully.

Chat Agents Performance Reports – if you are struggling to maintain quality customer support that is time to build the team skills for your chat agents. Try using the chat agent’s performance report to that for showing how many agents are passing of the chat to other agents. Find out the chat counts and number missed and received chats to examine team performance to better strategize and plan. Having details at hand can also help you in determining performance of your customer support team and define key productivity indicators for them too. Data helps you in many ways from bringing structural changes to functional changes and measuring how you are performing as compare to your competition.

Free Tip : Install SwiftChat robust live chat support that efficiently work with CRM to provide a seamless experience not only to customers by making the process more convenient for the team members as well as for customers. It comes with a handy solution, i.e., a customized mobile app that keeps the team connected with the website visitors anywhere to never miss any lead.