How Importance of Teamwork and Resiliency Have Become More Important Than Ever

how importance of teamwork is vital

How Importance of Teamwork and Resiliency Have Become More Important Than Ever

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Time changes. The world does too but importance of teamwork has proven its worth since ages.

If your teammates or even if your organization is not in a position to deal with this change, then you’re in hot waters.

By making importance of teamwork and resilience a core part of your personal and organizational behavior, you’ll be able to navigate through callous times.

Here’s how importance of teamwork and resiliency have become more important than ever:


  1. Less social interaction.

Most people like to be social. Even introverts want to have some sort of physical connection with other people.

Given the global circumstances, the way we used to socialize is not going to cut it.

For an organization, adapting to this incredibly rapid change is difficult. Having a relatively younger workforce might have given an initial advantage in leveraging the use of technology, but over time, workers from all manner of demographics experienced same reciprocal determinism principle gets applied to all employees over time.

Finding ways to collaborate, even in this current pandemic-driven change effectively, is a challenge. But it is also the need of the hour.

A lack of social interaction between friends, colleagues, and family can be a catalyst for the build-up of negative emotions.

Ensuring that your employees are in a happy place, even when times are demanding, sign that you have a good work culture.


  1. Growing social unrest.

With the world changing drastically within a matter of months, social unrest was to be expected.

As things have progressed, it’s not unfair for employees to feel anxious. Heck, yes, large businesses have had to have a detailed discussion on how they see the organization moving forward.

When you can work in teams, you ideally get to know a lot about who’s who.

You get a sense of their dreams, what they want to do in life, what makes them tick, etc. If someone is harboring negative feelings, you’ll be able to identify them in a collaborative environment and hopefully address them.

After a while of dealing with these challenging circumstances,


  1. Lack of financial security.

Financial security is essential.

If you do not know where your next meal is coming from, you will be under immense pressure.

Working in this environment, where you can see gallows in the distance, is not healthy for anyone.

One reason why you might want to encourage discussions within an organization is the opportunity to discover new sources of revenue.

Now, this is by no means the norm, but given how the world is changing and has changed, you need to step out of your comfort zone and think differently.

Getting different perspectives on financial matters might be your startup’s way out of a hard squeeze. Doing something like this will be a challenge within a larger organization, but you can get a lot of insights by being creative.

Having some manner of financial resiliency, whether it is in terms of personal assets or investments, or savings, organizations also need to start thinking about how they plan to keep the lights on when things get unexpectedly tough.


  1. Need for innovation with Importance of Teamwork.

Innovation is critical to business success.

More often than not, companies that can stand the test of time out-innovate their competitors.

But innovation is not easy. If it were, every organization would be innovative.

Having a company culture that promotes importance of teamwork is essential if you want to become a leader in your industry.

Creative processes and out-of-the-box thinking are hard to do when you are confined to respect a strict hierarchy. By ensuring a collaborative environment that is resilient against internal and external threats, you will ultimately start developing a culture geared towards innovation.

Being resilient to what naysayers say is also critical when you’re in the process of innovating.

Innovation takes time, and if you want to make sure that your hard work is safe from being run over by other people or organizations, you need to be resilient.


Importance of teamwork is essential because you can’t expect to do everything on your own.

And resilience is critical in situations where you need to be able to bear the brunt of whatever the circumstances throw at you.

With both of these characteristics combined, people and companies will be able to respond to situations that demand teamwork and thick skin.

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