5 Types of Customers and How to Provide the Best Customer Service to Them

how to deal with different types of customers

5 Types of Customers and How to Provide the Best Customer Service to Them

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We have customers as many heads exist in this world today  – Around 7.5 billion people are there in the world, out of which you have a particular customer base that comprises hundreds of moods and choices as per their nature and budget scale. So how should we spot the right audience and how to treat the different types of customers with the best customer support to keep them on your side? For instance, you are using live chat applications like SwiftChat so how would you react to different moods of customers.

Well, we have categorized the customers into 5 categories and have got the way to crack down the sales by providing the best customer support that works ideally build a customer base and retain the lost customers. 

Types of Customers


  • The “Complaint Master” Customer 
  • The “Newbie-in-Town” Customer 
  • The “I-Want-That” Customer 
  •  “Discount Available?” Customer
  • The “Mr. Difficult” Customer 
  1. The “Complaint Master” Customer

 Let’s start with those who techs us the most – Our valued unhappy customers or Mr. Blue

So Mr. Blue is someone who has either a) haven’t received the right parcel or b) the product was broken or damaged. At the point, I’d like to add a quote from John Ernst Steinbeck Jr., an American author who once said, ‘you can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.’ The problem 

Mr. Blue has a genuine problem with his product. However, we agree that most of the customers get angry for many other reasons as well. But did you know what that there is one thing that can make someone’s hackles rise? It’s none other than attending the visitors late or delaying the reply

If you have provided a LiveChat option on your website, chances are they will come back to get the solution. Deep down in their anger mood, they must know that they can get the assistance right away, and this could be one of the reasons they must have purchased in the first place.  

The most exact way to know and serve the customers is to only focus on how you would want to be treated if you will face the same situation? Like Brand Schweig once said, “Treat the customer like you would want to be treated. Period!

To handle this, the angriest customers first try following these proven tactics:

 Apologies & Remain Clam: 

So it is quite obvious it will be starting off as “What a Rubbish Service / Product You’ve sent me” or “What Disasters It Is” you need to make sure of two things, first to remain calm and apologies instantly. Tell them that your issue is a cause of our concern and we are here to fix this as soon as possible. 

Listen Carefully & Offer Best Option: 

Listening to the complaint carefully projects a positive impression on customers, even though the customer is not satisfied at the moment but giving them time to explain their issues. One of the famous quotes by Bill Gates would enlighten the vision more clearly here that “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” By listening to the complaints of your unhappy customers, you would not only to find out what possibly can go wrong within the process but also help your team to learn about the problem and their solution day by day. 

  1. The “Newbie-in-Town” Customer 

New customers or visitors on your site might not be easier to convert immediately, however, if you handle and anticipate their needs on time, they are likely to turn into paying customers. Since there are many types of customers who visit for multiple reasons to the online store, it is not necessary that they are actively looking forward to products or services so instead of bombarding a hundred questions just keep them engaged on their own for good at least for few minutes. 

Initiate with Canned Message:

Canned messages that are pre-saved into the side notes help you to pop up in many visitors’ windows at the same time. If you are currently running a campaign, canned messages will let your customers know that you are around here to help them. We recommend having a friendly gesture to welcome and thank visitors for coming over to your place. You can start by “Hey there, we know your cravings brings you here so let us know if require any suggestion or help, we are right here at one click distance. With livechat software, you can be creative and multitasking for any types of customer service as per your business or types of consumers

Know Insights before Initiating Chat: 

Since SwiftChat helps you to get the customers’ insight at first place, keep smartness activated and use the statics to get them engaged with you through livechat instantly. With stats, you can analyze which country they belong to and previous chat history, it would make your customer support staff to have better information to communicate more meaningfully. 

  1. The “I-Want-That” Customer 

These types of consumers are also known as impulsive customers. With immediate decisions and a lack of proper knowledge, you will find them very confident about the choices they have made. These types of customers are often looking for a variety of stuff, and one can never crackdown if what made them fall in love with the product and such a spontaneous reaction. 

Never Propose Them Deals Instantly

As a salesperson, it is essential to know the types of consumers by actively listening to their choices. So in case, you find any buyer who isn’t asking much of the required details about the product and keeps admiring the color, size or one particular aspect of the product just hold their interest and convert by using the phrases that emphasis features they are talking about. Avoid offering deals right at the spot and take time to know what exactly fascinate them in the first place. 

Short & Fast Replies: 

This type of customers aren’t going to take ages, they get too much excited about the product and are ready to add to cart in a blink of an eye. For such customers, you’ve got to respond to them instantly with short and friendly replies. Don’t forget to thank them and make sure you tell them that your product will be with you within 2-3 days – trust me; nothing will excite them than knowing they are going to have it soon. 

  1.  “Discount Available?” Customer

These types of customers are also named as cheap buyers or buyers who see the price tag first. They are very much into the pricing that if you offer them a cost, they can end saying that “we can get cheaper services via Fiverr.” With this level of demanding nature, try to 

Find Their Best Bracket Price:

Price bracket is one of the main issues why they are mostly looking for the best price possible in the market. Try not to respond with an open-ended question like “In which of our offers you are interested?” try asking with a range and then offer sales offers and coupons or even recommend them to revisit during the time your company usually provides sales and discounts. 

  1. The “Mr. Difficult” Customer

Difficult customers are not cheap but difficult, they have certain negative energy around them, and it is difficult to crack them up for what they need. These are half potential yet unclear clients, along with attitudes that make it difficult to propose a better way to convince them. One of the aspects of such clients are usually not happy with the business-offers and ask illogical questions often time. 

Don’t Argue & Remain Calm: 

The first thing about these customers is that they do not understand the logic in the first place. Start by giving them the assurance that there is a solution to need. Breakdown their issues into segments and ask their preference. Try to keep them on point and pass on the chat to managers if needed to handle their issues sophisticatedly. 


Customers are an asset for any organization but there are customers who are really difficult to manage. Different customers have different types of personalities and it is the company’s representative art to manage all types of customers in a sound manner. Customers when treated right they become evangelists for business. With the help of the above-mentioned tips, you can easily manage all types of customers professionally while converting a situation into a win-win scenario for all.