5 Best Startup Websites to Look Upon for Inspiration

5 Best Startup Websites to Look Upon for Inspiration

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A website is a 24hrs sales pitch for your business, that doesn’t ask for raise or holidays. Hence why websites are considered as an essential part of business representation and ROI.

For startup websites, that are at the stage of proving their ideas and initiating a business, it is crucial to not only leave a powerful impression but also build a quality impact on your first-time visitors arriving through search engines or marketing channels.

These audiences or visitors who are initially interested in supporting the startups hold great attention to details when it comes to either fund them or experience startup’s products.

So will you be losing that one precious chance to convert visitors into a great prospect? Surely, Not.


To make your website speak the volume for your business, it should be laid and designed on the best practices that can be adapted and applied easily. Quality website design with promising layout and elements are essential for startups as it indicates your site has its place in the present and future.

To attain a quality website, at the very initial stage of your startup it is not necessary to spend a thousand bucks, with professional firms in nearby areas you can find an affordable package for a good kick start.

However, what is essential at the initial stage of building an adhesive website is to look for the best startups website that laid on the practices as per the startup’s sites and can give you the inspiration to have your own quality site. For instance, I gained a live chat app inspiration from looking at IKEA website.

By the time we walk and talk about this popular website, we’ll keep you update with terms and techniques to remember while developing your own start website. Yes, you can thank later in a comment below…

For now, let’s get started with the work!

List of Best Startup Websites

  • Canva
  • Baby Sparks
  • Robhat Labs
  • Savi
  • TOMS


Canva – One-Stop for all Designing Needs

Canva – Founded in 2012 by Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, Cameron Adams

Starting up with one of the most useful, lively and creative startup websites Canva – It’s been a while when Canva gets to the list of top 500 startups of the year 2019. If your venture or startups idea serves people through online, there can be a lot of things. You can learn from genius folks who has undoubtedly made the way to top free designing tools and website. People, including us, excessively use this incredible website that has left no stone unturned to convert random visitors into a fan admirer.

So What Makes This Startup website a hit?


  • UI/UX – UI: is the user-interface, and UX is the User-experience.

UI – the interface of the most popular brands be it Apple, Google Products, and Amazon follow one rule which is 2/1 second rule. This rule is all about explaining your startup agenda to the new visitor in the first 2 seconds after your site loads.

Ask yourself if your website tells about you, your product, and purpose in a first glance or not. If your start website fails to explain its purpose, chances are that the visitors will lose the point to visit you. Canva uses a very playful interface using the subtle illustrative background giving the vibes of design possibilities you can avail.

Strong Call-To-Action Game

  • Call-to-Action or CTA buttons: Encourages your visitors, leads, and customers to take action by clicking the buttons like “Buy Now,” “Download Free,” and “Get Connected.”
  • Above-the-fold: The portion of a Website page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads.

Call-to-action does not necessarily have to be “Click Here,” “Buy Now” button, they can be more meaningful, creative and powerful depending on your vision and actions you are expecting your visitors to take.

Here, Canva controlled the action very sensibly, or less excessive details – Which is why you can see that there seems to be no below-the-fold feature on their website. So, either visitor will log in and explore the panel itself or just go through the features first that are defined in the menu bar categories. That’s pretty much a straight-forward way to direct visitors to what you are serving.

However, this might seem to work for those who are currently providing a web application, mobile apps with a one-stop solution. If you believe that your panel needs no such description to explain, then you can opt for such design and details as well.

Baby Sparks – Smart Apps for Smart Learning

Baby Sparks – Founded in 2013 by Gustavo Rodríguez & Juan Pablo Mejía

Baby sparks is something moms are usually terrified of, but not anymore – let me explain, it is certainly not an app that defuses the electricity. It is the idea of nourishing your child with activity programs to raise them as a better human being with good brains. By the copy of their banner, doesn’t it clearly states what they do? With persuasive words and a quick call-to-action for downloading the application, they have managed to make this app quite successful in both the App Store and Google Play store.

Demonstrate Product Clearly

By scrolling down to the website, you can see how clearly they have demonstrated how their application works. Most sites tell a lot about what they do, how they do, but fails to explain users about how they can get benefit out of it and this is apparently not so obvious to someone who just got to know about you.

This perfect demonstration of the application hooks the target audience, explains a little more about the overview of the application and since they are communicating to moms and single parents, they have explained features very well right in the other areas for quick assistance.

Though design-wise this website is really not at high-end with all types of extra illustrative details; however, with influential web copy and the typical startup website design, they meet the initial needs of their visitors that certainly have given a significant boost.

Robhat Labs – Innovation Hub

Robhat Labs – Founded in 2017 by Ash Bhat and Rohan Phadte

Startups that are working on the service-based venture need to represent themselves very delicately. With grace, finely presented website, you can explicit your services without leaving any confusion.

On the Rob hat Labs website, you can see how minimal content can explain your startup vision using the graphical support appropriately. But we suggest doing not make the persona of the homepage too vague to understand it. With subtle animation or visual art, your web page must compliment your words and content overall used for your brand.

Here, one of the points to take away is to use the hues that are relatable to the message you are willing to convey. Since Rohbhat labs belong to science and engineering, the vibes begin to deliver with the color scheme they have, i.e. white, blue, and gray. They have also omitted the traditional menu bar style and used a hamburger menu bar that carries the categories of services layered up each other.

Savi – Great Way to Save & Spend Loan

By Savi – Founded in 2009 by Aaron Smith and Tobin Van Ostern

  • Single Page Website: A single web page that carries the content and structure of navigational links without switching to a new page.

Looking for a minimal yet single-page website? Well, Savi has done it efficiently. The UI is efficiently compelling yet straightforward and keeps the audience engaged with the idea of knowing more about the product. Note that the CTA is placed very clearly, looks quite a big though, however, for the visitors who need loan and solution of saving up their money, Request Invite seem powerfully relatable to them.

TOMS – Startup E-commerce Champs


TOMS – Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie

USP: Unique selling proposition that defines you unique and different compared to your competitors.

TOMS is a US-based e-commerce website and a startup that gives and exclusive way to make it unique and ideal for the startups aiming to launch their store.  The key to understanding how sites define USP is not just by look but copy and appearance to the whole layout, which changes the perception.

If you are catering to the target audience solely, you only have to find a way to communicate the same needs and demands differently while keeping the words and messages directly with the audience. TOMS website gives us a way to manage huge categories without cluttering the home page with excessive content and details. You can get the categories management ideas from the relevant e-commerce startups and business and control the options that work well for your audience.

Take Away:

Be it Mobile App based solution, e-commerce or a unique product you and your team are planning to launch. If your website is designed, build and based on quality rules of digital landscape everyone would stop and take a look at what you have to speak about. The power of the digital world is no one would fake it make you please not anyone would succeed in pulling you off, therefore, step in market with adhesive yet a quality website. Using compelling CTAs, engaging designs, a copy that connects and a clear demonstration of what your startups so that targeted audience can relate and convert.