Best Free Video Editors for YouTubers in 2021

Best Video Editors for youtubers

Best Free Video Editors for YouTubers in 2021

writer Hamzah Adil

Are you a Youtuber looking for a best free video editing software?

Then you’re at the right place! Let’s get right into it.

Here are some of the best free video editing software for YouTubers in 2020:

  • iMovie.
  • Windows Movie Maker.
  • Shotcut.
  • Davinci Resolve.
  • Blender.
  • VSDC Free Video Editor.
  • Lightworks.
  • VideoPad


Let’s discuss each one in detail:


  1. iMovie

Mac users rejoice!

If YouTubers like Joanna Ceddia can use iMovie to reach the pinnacle of YouTube fame, then you can too (not as easy as it sounds, but you get the idea).

The thing that makes iMovie the first mention on this list is that it is effortless to use. This ease of use, coupled with all the features you need to get started, is what every YouTuber with an apple device needs.

Features like one-click import, keyboard short cuts, green screen controls, a super easy video trimmer, among other features, are what you need to launch your career as a YouTuber.


  1. Windows Movie Maker.

Windows users fear not. There is a free video editor that can give you all of the basic functionality you need to get started on YouTube.

Windows Movie maker is one of the absolute best free video editing software available today. Features like title customization tool, credit customization tool, auto movie options, timeline narration, special effects options, transition overlays, extensive audio track selection give a beginner Youtuber everything they need to get started.

Granted that you will not be able to create cinematic masterpieces with Windows Movie Maker, but you will have to face a much smaller learning curve than other video editing options.


  1. Shotcut.

Shotcut is one free video editor that both Mac and Windows users can start using. Even people with a Linux OS can use Shotcut.

What makes Shotcut stand out is that it is capable of non-linear video editing, customizable audio and video filters, along with screen recording features (super handy for when you want to add quick insights to your video).

Shotcut works how screenshot

The two significant shortcomings of Shotcut are that, for one, it does not allow for 4K exports. While 4K exports might not be your first concern as a new Youtuber, but it might become a factor once you get used to making content.

The second lacking of Shotcut is that its user interface needs a fair bit of improvement. As you get more used to creating videos, you’ll feel Shotcut’s UI more challenging to use with ease.


  1. Davinci Resolve.

davinci resolve how works screenshot

Davinci Resolve is not a basic video editing software. It has all of the bells and whistles that make it a great tool that is used by YouTubers and Hollywood professionals alike.

The thing that makes Davinci Resolve favorable for Youtubers is that it’s free for starters. Not only is it free, but it has a lot of features that you can utilize, including audio recording and editing, 3D audio effects, some of the best color correction available today, etc.

But there are a few things that are not so great about Davinci Resolve. While the interface is modern and sleek, it can be a little confusing for beginners. Additionally, some tutorials are not free, making it harder for a beginner to use Davinci Resolve.


  1. Blender.

You might have thought of Blender only as a 3D animation and modeling tool, but I am glad to inform you that it is one of the best free video editing software available today.

Blender has a lot of features that make it a great video editor to use. These include live preview, speed control, adjustment layers, audio mixing, transitions, keyframes, filters, etc.

Blender is best for videos that need a fair bit of 3D animations. If there is no need for animations, then you might feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of features that you will have no need for.


  1. VSDC Free Video Editor.

VSDC Free Video Editor is available for Windows only.

VSDC video editor for windows

That being said, VSDC is an excellent option if you’re looking for free video editing software. Features include screen recording, direct exports to YouTube up to 720p, color and spot correction using masking, built-in voice recording, Embedded video converter supports more than 20 formats, etc.

One feature that has to be mentioned separately is that it has can stabilize shaky parts of a video. This is ideal for travel vloggers or Youtubers who have to deal with many movements and moving parts.

If you want any sort of technical support with VSDC, you’re going to have to pay for it.


  1. Lightworks.

Lightworks has a free video editing software version and a paid version ($29 per month). It is available on Linux, Mac, and Windows machines.

While a lot of Lightworks’s features are in the paid version, you still have access to high accuracy video trimming, support for Multicam, along with access to a plethora of tutorials that will help you hit the ground running.

Like other tools with a lot of functionality, Lightworks might not be the best choice for a beginner or someone who isn’t looking to make professional videos.


  1. VideoPad.

Available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, VideoPad is one of the best free video editing software that Youtubers can opt to use.

VideoPad allows you to directly upload to YouTube and Facebook, which really helps make things easier for you. Other features include the ability to create your own effects, chroma-key tool (used for creating effects), etc.

On the downside, while VideoPad may be great for beginners, it does fall short of some of the other tools mentioned in the list. Transitions and other extras that make for a better tool are simply not present in VideoPad.



Creating content is a process.

To make that process smooth and serene, you’ll need the right tools.

YouTubers have a lot of their plates as it is. Coming up with new ideas and planning out how you’re going to record is time-consuming. You don’t want to add another layer of difficulty in terms of post-production and video editing.

For people who have only recently started their YouTube journey, opting for a free video editor is a great way to get used to creating videos. Some video editors can produce results (with practice and patience, of course) that even a professional would be impressed by.

Try out some of the free video editors from this list and see what works for you.

Happy editing!

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