Best Free Email Lookup and Reverse Email Lookup Tools

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Best Free Email Lookup and Reverse Email Lookup Tools

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This article discusses about best free email lookup and reverse email lookup tools. So, without getting into a long introduction, let’s get right into it.

What are email lookup tools?

Email lookup tools provide you the service of finding relevant emails for you. Most products ask you to enter some information like the person’s name or domain or even their company’s name. This helps the tool find relevant emails with regard to the information entered.

What is reverse email lookup?

Reverse email lookup is when you enter an email in hopes of gathering more information about a particular email. Reverse email lookup can be particularly useful if you want to focus on effective lead generation techniques. Your target audience will respond better to your sales and marketing methods if you know more about them and their interests.

Here are some of the best email lookup and reverse email lookup tools:

  1. Find That.
  2. Hunter
  4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite.
  6. FindThatLead
  7. Discoverly
  8. Email Permutator.
  9. ContactOut.


Let’s discuss each of the tools in further detail:

Find That.

Find That is a free email lookup tool that you can start using today. With the free plan, you get 50 searches per month, which is enough to get you started with finding and verifying emails.

Find that

Using Find That can be incredibly advantageous for you.

You can use it as a chrome extension to find and filter emails from various social media websites. Another thing with emails is to make sure that they are verified. Unverified emails can undoubtedly be a pain to deal with when you are in marketing and lead generation mode.

Integrations for Find That are also available, making it easier for you to continue your work with minimum disruptions.

You can find Find That here.


Hunter is another popular email lookup tool that you can use. Hunter works by using a domain to find emails.

Hunter email look out

All you need to do to use Hunter is to enter a domain name. Hunter will find all relevant email addresses with regard to that domain. This can be particularly helpful when you are trying to gather information about a company’s staff.

Hunter is an excellent choice as it allows you a 100 email searches per month for absolutely free.

Are you interested in Hunter? Check them out here.

It’s not mandatory that there is only one email for one person. A single person can have several emails linked or associated with them. This is why an email lookup tool like is such a great thing to have.

With, you get 100 domain searches for free. But that’s not all. You’re also getting 100 verified LinkedIn searches as well as the ability to enter and check 200 emails of your own. is also simple to use. You don’t need to be an expert to use Green dots mean that the name and email are legit, while a yellow dot signifies that the email may be incorrect.

Check out here.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite.

Owned by LinkedIn, the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lite is a free to use chrome extension that you can use to find new email contacts using LinkedIn.

Linkedin Sales Navigator

Although you’ll have to do a lot of guesswork with regards to finding the right emails, it is undoubtedly a tool that you can start using today.

You can check the tool here.

If you want a simple email lookup tool that will get you to speed in no time, then you can consider using is not your average lookup tool as it relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sure that the searches are accurate and relevant.

The free plan is limiting with ten searches per month, but that’s enough to get you started.

Visit here.


If you want a quick and easy to use too, then you’ll enjoy using FindThatLead.

Find That Lead

To get things started with FindThatLead, all you need to do is type in a company’s URL, and you’ll get a list of emails at your disposal.

FindThatLead is ideal for sales as it helps you reach out to various individuals in the same company.

With the free plan, you get ten daily searches a month.

You can check out FindThatLead here.


Discoverly is a chrome extension that you can use to gather information from different social media platforms like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Discoverly Tool

Discoverly works in the background so that you can focus on your main tasks. The best thing about Discoverly is that it is free to use and that you can start using it today.

Find Discoverly here.

Email Permutator.

With Email Permutator, you can enter a person’s name and their company and be provided with a list of possible email addresses that might belong to that person.

The downside to using this tool is that there is no verification for the email addresses, which can prove to be a major disadvantage.

The tool is free to use, but there is a question mark on how useful it can really be.


ContactOut is an email lookup tool primarily used by recruiters. It is designed to be used as a chrome extension.

ContactOut goes through LinkedIn to collect valid candidate emails, making it a top pick for recruiters. The tool claims 97% accuracy, which is pretty good for any email lookup or reverse email lookup tool.



Email lookup or reverse email lookup free has never been easier. The tools mentioned in this article are some of the easiest to use as well as being free. Although the paid plans have much more functionality, you can still get by using the free plan if you aren’t too dependent on emails.

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