Best 5G Stocks to Invest in for Extraordinary Returns

5G Stocks to invest in

Best 5G Stocks to Invest in for Extraordinary Returns

writer Hamzah Adil

For the past couple of months, 5G has been all the rage. You’ll find all kinds of futuristic applications of 5G available in video form and on your favorite social media platforms. Same goes with the 5G stocks there have been people who are keen to invest in 5G Stocks. Many live chat app agents for stock websites have witnessed surge in inquiries for stocks related to 5G.

After seeing all this hype, you must have developed some level of interest in this technology. For the ones who have a knack for investing, you must be wondering how to ride the 5G wave and make a profit.
In this article, you’ll find some of the best 5G stocks that you should be investing in to make unbelievable returns.
But before you jump into your investing mode, it would be wise to brush up on your knowledge of 5G. If you have a firm grasp on core 5G concepts, you can feel free to skip, but if not, you might want to go through the whole article at least once.

What is 5G?


Simply put, 5G is wireless technology. It is used for digital cellular networks, which means that regions and areas are divided into cells, and service is provided through antennas.
5G will have a much larger role than its predecessors 4G (mobile internet) and 3G (mobile data). Mid-level 5G will provide you with mind-boggling speeds, around one to two Gbits/s down.
5G can be thought of as a mobile network, which makes it far more superior to previous generations, including 4G and 3G. The low-level 5G is comparable with current 4G technology.

What are the benefits of 5G technology?


5G has several advantages and benefits.
As discussed earlier, 5G is fast. It’s unlikely anything that we have seen before. In transmission, speeds can range from 15 to 20 Gbps.
Lower latency is another key benefit of 5G technology. Latency is the time elapsed between a user to enter a command on a device and see the action carried out. 5G is expected to have ten times lower latency than 4G.
Lower latency means that people will be able to carry out operations from remote locations in real time. This will be a blessing in many industries, such as health, where it is imperative to get an expert to the patient to increase the patient’s chances of survival.
5G is poised to play a crucial role in the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT).
5G allows more devices to be connected to the same network. All one million of them in a square kilometer area. 4G can only support up to 100k devices per square kilometer.

What does the future hold for 5G?


The future looks bright for 5G.
The applications of 5G are seemingly limitless, from advanced healthcare to autonomous vehicles, the possibilities seem to be endless.
This new technology will also play a crucial role in mission-critical systems as well as military systems.
While 5G is progressing at an incredibly rapid rate, it is still a very young technology. It will encounter challenges even after it is deployed on a massive scale. The best course of action would be to consider this and move forward.

Now that we have an understanding of 5G let’s learn a bit about 5G stocks.

Here are some of the best 5G stocks that you can choose to invest in to get an extraordinary return:

1. Apple.

Apple is one of those companies that you can invest in and expect to make a profit eventually. Investing in Apple seems to be a good choice for the future.
Apple has a loyal fanbase that is going nowhere.
According to a survey conducted by investment bank Piper Jaffray, one out of four iPhone users would spend $1200 to upgrade to a 5G enabled iPhone.
Apple is a pretty good stock pick. Apple’s next big refresh cycle can be triggered by 5G. People want Apple to come out with a new product that will amaze them. As such, these consumers end up buying the latest products that Apple releases.
Apple TV+ is also something to look forward to. Coupled with 5G and historic stock market highs, you can expect Apple to make the most out of 5G.

2. Nokia.

Nokia is making promising gains in the 5G sphere. Recent 5G deals have propelled Nokia well into the forefronts of 5G leadership.
According to the latest news, the company has just celebrated its 50th 5G deal, signaling that Nokia is still very much in the 5G race.
Nokia has plans to convert 300 of its 4G LTE customers to 5G over the next ten to twenty years. And Nokia’s 5G growth is still in its very early stages.
Most marketers don’t see Nokia as a great 5G stock, which is shown by a forward price-to-earnings ratio of 13.
But it will still take time for mass adoption of 5G, giving Nokia and other companies to cement their positions in the 5G sphere.

3. Cisco Systems.

Cisco is a well-known American company that specializes in domain security, energy management, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc. The company also has plans to make a name in the 5G space too.
Cisco has recently acquired Acacia Communications, which is an optical component manufacturer. Cisco anticipates that its audience will be moving towards 5G in recent years, and it will need to upgrade its existing infrastructure and equipment, making Acacia a great acquisition.
Cisco plans to expand its 35 data centers every month. It currently has 100 million daily users on its platform. Cisco is a great 5G stock pick because it is planning to make a name in the space while simultaneously growing other areas of its business.

4. T-Mobile.

T-Mobile is a US-based wireless network provider. It is also the third-largest wireless carrier in the US, with around 86 million customers at the end of 2019.
T-Mobile has a very aggressive plan to spread 5G. T-Mobile plans to provide 97% of the US with 5G coverage in the coming three years. T-Mobile hopes to provide 5G to 99% of the population within six years.
What makes T-Mobile a great stock pick is not only its focus on 5G but also its broadband business. T-Mobile plans to acquire 9.5 million in-home broadband subscribers by 2024.
T-Mobile has also bought Sprint, making it an even more dominant competitor in the 5G sphere. Consistent customer growth and better technology make T-Mobile a great company to invest in. It is also reflected by its stock’s upward trend in 2019.

5. Intel Corporation.

Intel is another famous name in the world of technology and computing. Intel is planning to go beyond manufacturing central processing unit chips and enter the 5G market.
Intel is showing very promising signs of growth. The business has grown by 40% since 2014, making it a good option for investors that want to see their investments grow.
Intel recently sold its 5G smartphone modem business to Apple to focus on the 5G networking side of things.


Without a doubt, 5G is a revolutionary technology that will change the world at large. We can expect to see an impact on industries such as communication, transportation, education, military, manufacturing, etc., all thanks to 5G.
People who want to make money with 5G but don’t know how can ride the 5G wave by investing in companies and organizations that are developing and using this technology.
From a cautious investment point of view, it can be advised to take all precautions and do adequate research before choosing to invest in any stock, particularly something that is new and has yet to face mass consumer adoption.
We can hope that 5G will be a promising technology in the future that will allow several industries to evolve and contribute to the betterment of society.

Note: The information in this article is not financial advice and should not be taken as such. You alone will be responsible for any and all losses.