7 Google Voice Alternative That Offers More

7 Google Voice Alternative That Offers More

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So you’ve been searching for the Google Voice Alternatives?
Google has been facilitating the world with it’s outclass products and services since the past few decades. And where Google comes as a father-of-innovation, we know how well the world works in practical life and at business.
Being the pioneer of some of the widely used products like Google Chrome, Gmail and YouTube, Google is also the first one in the line who introduced the calling and messaging services with a virtual phone call system number and name it as Google Voice. It proved to be a thriving idea just as currently live chat apps are thriving.

However, since the idea thrived out of the innovation, companies all over the world began to come up with similar solutions and software to cater to business, ventures, and enterprises with voice call and texting. Irrespective to what Google Voice has to offer, there are several competing platforms that are google voice alternative available to utilize that comprises quality features that can be availed at the affordable price range.

Top 4 Google Voice Alternatives:

Nextiva App

The first runner up of Google Voice alternative is Nextiva, which has evolved with necessary features in a very short interval of time. This internet voice-over protocol company currently based Scottsdale was launch in 2006.
Feature Nextiva offers:

Following are some of the advantages that do not exists in Google Voice:

Unique Features
• Automatic Call Distribution
• Call Center Management
• Call Monitoring
• Contact Database
• Contact Management
• IVR / Voice Recognition
• Role-Based Permissions
• Voice Mail

Download: Google Play & App Store


The next best Google voice alternative is the Sideline which has comparatively given a tough time to get most users on their side. Talking about Sideline vs. Google Voice, there are a variety of the features that Google Voice do facilitates, however, besides all the features of a basic VoIP app consist these following features gives a competitive edge to the Sideline as well.

Unique Features
• Voicemail Text Conversations
• Business Texting
• Auto-reply
• Call Block
• Local Number
• Team Number
• Live Customer Support
• More Information
• Call Forwarding
• International Calling
Download: Google Play & App Store


In the contest of the competition the VoIP, Grasshopper changed the game by introducing desktop and mobile application along with the free trial. Which give it a significant position and visibility in the play store as a Google Voice alternative. You can connect your board from mobile to desktop via Google voice extension; however, as an alternative choice, Grasshopper gives more engaging view to manage calls and dealing via VoIP.

Unique Features

• Desktop + Mobile Apps
• Business Texting
• Call Forwarding
• VoIP + Wi-Fi Calling
• Voicemail Transcription
Download: Google Play, App Store & Desktop


Line2 draws the line between best and affordable, if you are looking forward to an affordable VoIP for the multiple line management or custom calling screen, it is time to get your hands for the Line2. Following are some of the feature that comes with an affordable range for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Unique Features
• Unlimited SMS and MMS messaging
• Virtually unlimited calling
• Choose the U.S. or Canada number
• Works over Wi-Fi/4G/LTE
• Online faxing included with each line
• A group calling and messaging
• Low international rates (calling, SMS)
The rating falls by the user-experience comparatively to the features it offers. For that, we are propitious that Line2 would fix app issue in new releases.
Download: Google Play & Play Store


Line2 indeed comes with the virtual number facilities for solo and multiple users. However MightyCall allows you to avail full integration virtual phone call system. Even though MightyCall is pricey compared to the rest of the Google Voice and its alternatives. Along with the feature that Line2 provide here are some of the additional feature that MightyCall provides a budget that starts with $39.99:

Unique Features
• Existing number transfer (Free on Mighty – Paid in Line2)
• Vanity search (Free on Mighty – Paid in Line2)
• Conference calling (Free on Mighty – Paid in Line2)
• Music on hold
• Call back widget
• Click-to-call widget
• Social Media tracking
• User extensions Unlimited
Download on: Google Play & App Store


Freedom pop comes with the free plan, including calls, text, and messages. It provides numbers for Spain, the UK and US to connect with an appropriate limit and to be exact 500MB data, 500 texts, and 200 minutes. If you intend to connect with the cheap international call, try out Freedom Pop and do share your views regarding your experience.

Unique Features

• Numbers available from the US, UK, and Spain
• Free minutes to call anyone in the US, UK, Spain, and 50 more countries
• No Fees: Plans always start at FREE, no hidden charges

Download: App Store & Play Store


RingCentral comes with specific range features in affordable range along with the free trial. It evidently provides one-in-all cloud phone services for small businesses and enterprise. The package depends on several users as lowest at $14 and the highest at $49.

• 2,500 toll-free minutes/month
• Voicemail-to-text
• Unlimited internet fax
• Automatic call recording
• Unlimited audio meetings
• Unlimited video conferencing (up to 200 people per meeting)
Download on: Google Play & App Store

A Sneak Peak about Google Voice & Google Voice Alternative

With feasible support system, and basic calling and messaging services, let’s dig a bit about Google Voice and then will we will discuss the affordable and quality google voice alternative that can help you get the better facilities.
Google has always been successful when it comes to spoiling us with free stuff. When it offered it offered Google Voice, it was free and yet an exclusive product as well. Google Voice also gained much of the popularity in the business community due to the advance calling and messaging system. Google Voice is a free platform that helps business personnel to get free virtual phone services over a business number provided on their device. With the free version of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), it helps you connect with the world using a virtual number for calling, texting to your peers instantly –
With feasible support system, and primary calling and messaging services, let dig a bit about Google Voice and then will we will discuss the affordable and quality google voice alternative that can help you get the better facilities.

Pros & Cons of Google Voice & Google Voice Extension

With the affordable option to choose online phone service rather than local channel gives can be tough choice for businesses. Therefore, while providing the details regarding google voice and its alternatives for online phones, let’s gather some of pros and cons if why one must opt for it:

Pros of Google Voice

• Ideal for Freelancers & Side Hustlers:
When it comes to run your side business, you want to have a separate mobile phone number to create better professional connection in your network. Create connection on virtual number, and attend callers with voicemail greeting for formal needs.

• Online Purchase and Selling:
From online hosting services to biding there can be a lot of stuff which requires to pay online using your number and details. Google voice extension and its app for mobile phone works similar to as your own personal devices which bring ease of online buying and selling along with privacy and safety.

• Integration with Google Product:
Since we all are using more than one of the Google’s product, Google Voice gives advantage of integration with its products like Gmail, Drive etc.

Cons Google Voice:

Works on Wi-Fi: Most of the the Google Voice, and google voice alternative works online and does not provide local services which demands continuous internet connection.

Limited Text Limit:

Google voice only gives the limit of 160 character which indeed does not seem to cater business pattern.

Major Reason Why Google Voice Alternatives Revived

Google Voice Extension which is ideally introduce for the web based calling solution does not seems to be smart and advance enough to manage the overall activities. As compared to the rest of the alternative or competitors of Google Voice, there seems to have a variety of desktop solutions what one must consider in order to have the seamless and hassle free virtual phone services.