6 Most Effective Business Communication Tools

6 Most Effective Business Communication Tools

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Have you ever been in a situation where you find yourself shifting from one platform to another to update about your work progress? Or simply struggling to arrange a place to deal with your clients separately other than using popular messengers, live chat app or emails? Well, if you are looking for a solution where group communication, meeting with clients or even teamwork could seamlessly happen, then you are at the right place to find the best business communication tools.

We know that business communications can be a hassle that can affect your work progress and team productivity. You should not be spending your meeting time in traveling from one client to another, instead of keeping them on one robust system will not only be an efficient communication method but also will save a lot of time and hassle that can be spent on making your work progress more efficient.

Therefore, to effectively run a business, it is necessary to invest in modern yet digital solutions that could not only allow you to efficiently communicate with a team member working remotely or in different locations. With conference calling feature, VoIP solutions, multiple users and call attendant, you can impeccably manage your business dealings without effecting the team efficiency.

If you are interested enough spend a reasonable amount to conferencing calls and VoIP service or for the free of cost conferencing tools, SwiftChat has researched the best tools and has given the best features details along with the pricing, reviews and integration capacity of tools.

Business Communication Tools


  • GoToMeeting
  • UberConference
  • Livestorm
  • Cisco Webex
  • CloudTalk
  • FreeConferenceCall


  1. GoToMeeting 

GoToMeeting is secured and a substantial platform that is highly competent and demanded by the audience. It gives privilege to the team to have a useful business or social connections via using the web-based app, android app, an iOS application to keep the conversation continued on the go. It gives an easy way to create meetings and custom URL along with the video recording feature and transcription.

The interactive interface of GoToMeeting gives easy access to share the screen with members and make it more useful to discuss ideas and plans using pointing/drawing pointers during the meeting. Since GoToMeeting is among the most highly rated communication tools, it comes with a variety of support options like phone, online support, knowledge base and video tutorials to get a better understanding of the overall product and usability. So if you are currently facing issues in contemplating the VoIP systems or conferencing calling, opt for the GoToMeeting to get a better understanding and variety of options to get the work done.


Price Total integrations Platforms supported
$24.00/month Office 365 Web-based
Free trial available Salesforce Sales Cloud iPhone app
No credit card required Slack Android app
Subscription-based Zapier Platforms supported
Office 365


  1. UberConference

Among the most popular and effective communication tools, UberConference fits the needs of the team that has not such demand for video conferencing. It comes with substantial features to carry out continued call sessions with unlimited toll-free conference calls. Besides screen sharing and free call recording, you can share documents, and get the call analytics to have actionable stats regarding everyday meeting and dealings with clients

UberConference is ideally fitting to CRM integration needs that seamlessly balances and shares your communication and business sales with team. This is one such feature that makes the UberConference more competent and helpful in terms of keeping the business needs and communication one scale. It has a dedicated web interface along with the apps run on Android and Apple devices. With screen monitoring and scheduling, it also gives the ability to record and playback the recording. UberConference delivers live / video conferencing features to easily communicate business needs efficiently. Toll-free conference calls, call analytics through Android, and iOS mobiles app gives an easy way to create a customizable report to measure day to day progress.

Price Total integrations Platforms supported
$15.00/month Facebook Web-based
Free trial available HubSpot CRM iPhone app
No credit card required Microsoft Outlook Android app
Free account Office 365
Subscription-based Slack
G Suite
Google Drive


  1. Livestorm 

Livestorm stands out from the crowd due to its compatibility with tools and systems that are highly beneficial for the businesses that are using the CRM and Analytical systems that impact on sales and leads generation.

Livestorm brings an interactive interface that keeps the chat and video conferencing aligned and helpful enough to keep the team on one page. With chat, questions, polls, and contact option you can have a variety of methods to get the team’s vote and bring clarity to work and project flow. Ideally, it serves as useful communication tools for Small Businesses, Mid-size Business, Enterprise with along with features like visuals analysis, CRM integration, Activity Dashboard, API and custom reporting.


Price Total integrations Platforms supported
$15.00/month Facebook Web-based
Free trial available HubSpot CRM
No credit card required HubSpot Marketing
Subscription based Salesforce Sales Cloud
Google Drive

Cisco has been a significant identity in the digital spectrum since 1984, it has lunch an adhesive yet competitive online conferencing and meeting panel that brings significant advantages in many ways. From freelancer to Enterprises and from small to mid-size businesses, it caters to all sizes organizations.

It offers primary features like call recording, call sharing, video and chat however, what makes it stand apart is the support system that also comes with the video call. With two-way video audio & video feature, you can boost team meetings with multi-tasking features to make the conference more tangible and quality-oriented.  It offers free …

Price Total integrations Platforms supported
$19.00/month Microsoft Outlook Web-based
Free trial available Slack iPhone app
No credit card required Zapier Android app
Free account Zendesk
  1. CloudTalk 

CloudTalk is one of the most compact conferencing joints that are not only affordable for beginners but also gives native integrations. With a cohesive calling system, it offers a mobile app, desktop support, and even web app to connect calls and join meetings regardless of any platform you opt for. CloudTalk gives ease to communicate with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk to name a few. It is highly sufficient in features within this price range and provides extra privilege with Voice Mail, Queue Manager, Call Transfer and Request routing that gives it competitive advantage within the market.

Price Total integrations Platforms supported
$10.00/month Zendesk Web-based
Free trial available Zoho CRM iPhone app
No credit card required Microsoft Dynamics CRM Android app
Subscription-based Pipedrive
  1. FreeConferenceCall

Just like by its name, FreeConferenceCall is charge-free and is ideal for the audience looking for HD audio calls with clients. It offers a clean and basic interface for conference calls with unlimited duration and also gives global dial-in numbers features to contact anyone regardless of any region. In an online meeting, you can share screens, documents, slides, spreadsheets, and files within a group chat that keep you away from any need to shift on emails. With SSL security and video support, FreeConferenceCall gives the advantage to use web and app platforms for hurdle-free communication.

Price Features Platforms supported
Free Call Recording Web-based
No credit card required Chat iPhone app
Free account Conferencing Android app
Subscription-based Instant Messaging
Live / Video Conferencing
SSL Security
Video Call Recording
Video Support

FreeConferenceCall provides the essential features that are demanded from the customer’s end, however, it does not offer integration with any CRM or sales tools.