5 Best Virtual Desktop Hosting Platforms

Best Virtual Desktop Hosting Platforms

5 Best Virtual Desktop Hosting Platforms

writer Hamzah Adil

Desktop virtualization and virtual desktop hosting platforms are increasing in popularity these days. The advantages are many, including saving on maintenance costs, remote working opportunities, better collaboration etc.

There are a number of hosting platforms available online. It will be up to you to find the best one according to your needs.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about virtual hosting platforms. But before we get into platforms that offer virtual desktop hosting or a hosted virtual desktop, we’ll go through some basic concepts first.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Like regular desktops, a virtual desktop is the area on the computer screen that is allocated for work. The only difference is that it is hosted on a server rather than a personal computer.

Desktop virtualization deals with the separation of applications, operating system, and data from the hardware and storing this information on a server.

If you are wondering what type of virtualization should you deploy to provide a virtual desktop infrastructure? Then stick around and keep reading.

Is there any free online virtual machine available?

Most platforms provide some kind of free product, but generally they are good for around 12 months.

There is one free platform that stands out from the rest.

OpenStack is an open source, free cloud computing platform that you can use to create an online virtual machine.

The only downside that you might face while using OpenStack is that it’s features may be limited when compared with a paid option, but that much is to be expected.

If you want to explore online hosting platforms without spending any money, then OpenStack will prove to be a pretty good start. You’ll become more used to using one of these platforms and have an easier time shifting to a paid option if you choose to do so.


Do I need a Virtual Tablet Server?

Well, that depends.

A virtual tablet server can be defined as an application that gets input from a tablet and then sends this data to the connected server devices.

So, if you’re an artist or have a need for graphical elements that need to be catered to by hand, then having a virtual tablet server will be a great addition for you.

Here are best virtual desktop hosting platforms

  1. Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure, as you can tell from the name, is Microsoft’s cloud computing service. Azure offers a platform for creating, testing, deploying and managing services and applications using Microsoft’s own data centers.

Azure offers a 12-month free period when you can use 12 AI services including Linux virtual machines, Windows virtual machines, 5GB file storage, 5GB blob storage, 250GB SQL databases, among other services.

One thing about Azure is that it is cheaper than its main rival AWS by around 4-12%, making it a great option to choose. Another benefit that Azure has to offer is that its data centers are located everywhere, giving you increased flexibility in terms of hosting.


  1. Amazon WorkSpaces

(AWS) Amazon Web Services is one of the most well-known platforms that provides cloud computing and APIs from individuals to organizations and governments.

AWS also provides Desktop as a Service through Amazon WorkSpaces.

One of the obvious benefits is remote management. An individual can use the virtual desktop simply through an internet connection. Security is another benefit as the data stored is encrypted.

Also, if you and your team are comfortable with Windows, you’ll be glad to know that WorkSpaces supports Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux 2.

Currently, the pricing for Amazon WorkSpaces starts at $21 per month per WorkSpace. Amazon also provides a cost optimizer that you can check out and reduce your costs.

There is also a demo WorkSpace that you can use during the first two months. You get 40 hours and two WorkSpaces so that you can easily explore all that Amazon WorkSpaces has to offer.


  1. Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides cloud computing services to users who want to enjoy scalability and reliability.

One of the biggest reasons for using Google Cloud Platform would be its pricing. By using the platform more exhaustively, you will get more savings.

It’s cheaper than AWS for a number of services and you get charged per second. There are no upfront costs and no termination fees, making it great if you want to test the platform out first before making a long-term commitment.


  1. KamaTera

Kamatera is another cloud infrastructure that you can for your virtual desktop hosting needs. You can choose from different versions of Windows for the desktop as well as the server.

With Kamatera, you get a thirty-day free trial that allows you to use their cloud infrastructure, managed cloud services, etc.

Kamatera is a high-performance solution with 99.95% uptime and no single point of failure. With 24/7 support and data centers all over the globe, Kamatera is another viable choice for you to think over.


  1. Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is taking over every industry and you shouldn’t be surprised if you see Alibaba taking an interest and making a name in other industries.

Alibaba Cloud has a number of data centers all around the world, but most of them are located in various provinces of China. So, if you think that you would benefit from having your data stored in China, then Alibaba Cloud is the best option for you.

Alibaba Cloud also comes with a price calculator so that you know exactly what you are paying for and what you’re getting in return.


Virtual desktops are growing in popularity. They help in reducing costs associated with maintenance and management, as well as increased security thanks to secure encryption protocols.

Businesses and organizations that incorporate some form of virtual desktop hosting note an increase in team productivity.

All of the virtual desktop hosting platforms discussed in this post are widely used all over the world. The best way to find the right one for your business will be to go through all the  features and choose the platform that fulfills your needs at your budget.


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