13 Easy Jobs That Pay Well with Low Stress

13 Easy Jobs That Pay Well with Low Stress

writer Hamzah Adil

People want to live stress-free lives so look out for careers and easy jobs that pay well. Given the option, not many people would work in a high-stress environment long term if they weren’t passionate about the job.

The majority of people want to work in an environment where there is relatively low stress but not at the cost of their income. Stress is not only detrimental to your health, but it also affects the people around you, at home and in the workplace.

Today, we’re going to be discussing some super easy jobs that pay well in tandem with low stress jobs. By the end, hopefully, you will have found at least one or two jobs that you like.

Here are some easy stress jobs that pay really well

  1. Social media influencer.
  2. Voice over artist.
  3. Tour guide.
  4. Fashion designer.
  5. Web designer.
  6. Virtual/ Physical tutor.
  7. Receptionist.
  8. Streamer.
  9. Online community manager.
  10. Fitness trainer.
  11. Talent acquisition manager.
  12. DJ.
  13. Photographer.


Let’s dig a little deeper into each one:

Social media influencer.

Becoming a social media influencer has become a significant source of income for people all over the world. By becoming an influencer, you are not only able to generate a following, but you are also able to earn a decent living while working remotely.

Social Media influencers with heavy following

Social media influencers earn varying sums of money. Small influencers can get paid starting from $10 or $20, but there seems to be no limit for big-time influencers. As an influencer, all you will need to focus on is creating content that your audience love.

Influencers earn their pay from different sources. Some choose to become partners and brand ambassadors, while others prefer to charge per sponsored post.

According to Fox Business, the average influencer has a takeaway income of anywhere from $30,000 and $100,000.

Voice over artist.

If you have a beautiful, captivating voice, your chances of becoming a voice-over artist can increase significantly.

There are a variety of jobs a voice artist can do. Playing roles in commercials and adverts is one of the first things that come to mind. But other gigs like voice acting in games, helping YouTubers create content, using your voice to create online courses for other people are just some of the ways a VA can make money.

Most voices over artists work with a range of clients and are active on different freelancing platforms. VAs are paid per job and can make anywhere from $20 to hundreds of dollars. These earnings depend on the client and the VA themselves.

Tour guide.

Ordinarily, you won’t think of a tour guide as someone who makes a lot of money, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

People who enjoy meeting and hanging out with new, possibly foreigners, can make excellent tour guides. All the need to ensure is that they are knowledgeable about their areas. A huge bonus will be if they know hidden spots that aren’t well known and away from the internet.

Tour Guide

Tour guides make the majority of their income from tips. This is why being a conversationalist, and attentive to other people’s needs is essential if you want to excel at becoming a tour guide.

In many parts of the world, tour guides are paid around $50 to $150 per day. This doesn’t seem a lot but thinks about it. You’re spending time with new people every day and make you’re the bulk of your income through tips.

Fashion designer.

Do you find people complimenting your sense of style often? Are you creative and enjoy exploring new things? If yes, then fashion design might be a great career path for you.

You can easily include fashion designing in easy high paying jobs. These days, you don’t even need to be a celebrity designer to make a living. Using visually engaging social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, you can quickly build a following and sell your products.

Fashion designing is one of those low stress jobs that are glamorous and profitable at the same time. The only time you might feel stressed out is right before a launch, but let’s face it, that is nothing compared to the result-oriented workplace of today.

Web designer.

Web designers have a variety of offers available to them. The kind of work, a web designer, chooses usually depends on how much money they are looking to make, the type of work environment offered to them, and the amount of stress they are willing to tolerate.

Web designing Job

You will find web designers on different kinds of sites. Some designers prefer to work for clients on a freelance basis, others might choose to work remotely, and some even consider participating in web design competitions with guaranteed prizes.

Web designers should expect their earnings to increase with experience and as they grow their skill set. An entry-level designer who knows what they are doing can start at $30ish per hour and move up into the hundreds if they establish themselves as a prominent name in select niches.

Virtual/ Physical tutor.

Being a good student and a better teacher certainly has its rewards.

Good tutors are experts in their subjects, but at the same time, they can understand and gel with people. Brilliant teachers can positively engage their students while at the same time providing them with the knowledge they need.

Bilingual people also have an opportunity to teach other languages and start earning. Virtual tutors can easily find students and platforms to teach on as compared to a physical tutor.

These days, you should go beyond teaching children. To start earning, try teaching things that adults and professionals would like to learn. Creating courses on Teachable or other platforms is another good idea for educators.

Tutors can expect to make anything from $10 to around a hundred if certified and real experts in their craft.


Being a receptionist is easy in most organizations. Receptionists are responsible for managing schedules, taking care of visitors, clerical tasks like maintaining records and answering calls, etc.

Receptionist job

Different organizations and businesses have varying procedures and protocols, which is why receptionist should expect to get the bulk of their training either on the job or during training.

Receptionists don’t have to deal with a lot of stress. But this comes at the cost of their paycheck. Generally, receptionists are paid just a little over minimum wage. The difference in earning also comes from location and experience.

While they are pressed for cash, receptionists have greater flexibility in their timings and choosing workdays.


Streaming has certainly seen a boom in recent times. More and more people are flocking to various streaming platforms like Twitch to create content and reach their audience.

These days, there are literally no barriers to becoming a streamer. All you need is a smartphone and a fast, stable internet connection.

Most streamers don’t make a lot of money. To make a living from video streaming, you need to have a sizeable audience that is genuinely interested in what you do.

The amount you make as a streamer depends on the number of subscribers you have and tips. Additionally, brands will start to approach you after a certain threshold, so that will also help you boost your income.

Online community manager.

Social media platforms and the online world at large has become something that needs to be managed. While most online audiences are civil, you will always find a few people who are not interested in being nice.

Online Community Manager

An online community manager is tasked with making sure that there are no trolls on social media spamming posts. Another critical task that community managers need to perform is to engage the audience regularly. Community managers are also tasked with answering questions and taking care of followers.

The best thing about being an online community manager is that you get to use social media all day and consider one of the vital low stress jobs. On average, online community managers make around $45k, not bad.

Fitness trainer.

Some people consider becoming a fitness trainer because they think that it’s one of those easy high paying jobs that anyone can get, but the reality is a bit different.

Certified and well-trained fitness trainers are hard to come by. Not only do they need to be technically sound, but they also need to understand their client’s needs.

Good fitness trainers will make sure to help you reach your goals on a schedule, something that people are working out on their struggle with. The more experienced a fitness trainer is, the higher they usually tend to charge.

On average, fitness trainers can make around $56k a year. But you can boost that income by selling online courses, selling your products, or even marketing other products to your clients to get affiliate commissions.

Talent acquisition manager.

Having connections with different kinds of people can finally start to pay off.

HR Manager

As a talent acquisition manager, you will be tasked to find the right creative or otherwise, talent for your employer.

Finding the right people for different positions is essential these days. Good people are hard to find and even harder to retain. Talent acquisition managers are tasked with making sure that employees are onboarded and continue to have a pleasant experience at their workplace.

For their services, talent acquisition managers make an average of $70,000 plus a year.


People who love music and enjoy creating fresh, exciting tracks can undoubtedly look forward to becoming a DJ.


Initially, you will need to invest in software and equipment. Another good idea would be to get a mentor and learn some inside tips on becoming a better DJ. Afterwards, to grow a following and build an audience, post your work on websites like Soundcloud and see what kind of feedback you’re getting.

As you grow in your career, you should expect your skillset to expand, improve your quality of work, and increase your paycheck. Not bad for someone pursuing something that they are passionate about.


Professional photographers have always been in demand. Any corporate event, a wedding, a personal event all call for a photographer who can capture these memories without a hitch.

If you’re starting, it might be a good idea to invest in a camera that would last you at least a year or two. Lighting and other camera equipment, along with professional editing software, are all things you should have if you want to become a true professional.

The only sort of stress you might have to deal with being a freelance photographer is finding clients regularly.


Easy high paying jobs are not as hard to come by if you explore your options. Find something that you enjoy regularly doing and see if you can generate enough income to support yourself financially.

By choosing a career with low stress, you will be able to enjoy life and relax in your off time. After all, it is essential to keep a work-life balance.


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