10 Best Social Media Campaign Ideas to Keep Your Brand Fresh and Thriving

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10 Best Social Media Campaign Ideas to Keep Your Brand Fresh and Thriving

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Tired of running failed social media campaign ideas?

Here are ten of the best social media campaign ideas that you can start using today:

  • Create high-quality video content.
  • Hop on the latest (but relevant) trends.
  • Partner up with influencers.
  • Create branded hashtags and have your audience promote them.
  • Launch giveaways and competitions.
  • Ask your audience.
  • Go viral.
  • Regularly post on your social media profiles.
  • Make use of seasonal events.
  • Consider having a brand takeover.

Let’s discuss these social media campaign ideas in more detail.


  1. Create high-quality video content.

Without high-quality video content, your social media campaigns will not have as much of an impact that they can.

These days, almost all brands have access to pretty decent camera equipment (read smartphones).

People want to consume more engaging content, and video is a great option.

Social media campaigns centered around videos have a much higher chance of gaining traction than, say, textual content might. What is true for other brands will mostly stand true for your brand too as things work out in reciprocal determinism principle.

GoPro is one prime example of how video content can boost a brand and give it the freshness it needs to stay relevant.

Another example that you might have seen on YouTube is “Will It Blend?” This was an infomercial series launched by Blendtec to highlight the speed of their new blenders.

The CEO of the company, Tom Dickson, stars himself and blends things. Taking an interest in your brand’s marketing and putting yourself in front of the spotlight makes for a fantastic video.

Sometimes, if the content is genuinely interesting, you won’t need fancy transitions or camera work. Tell a story through your videos that resonate with your brand’s audience for maximum impact.


  1. Hop on the latest (but relevant) trends.

No one can predict whether an online trend will last a day or years. As a brand, you have to weigh the odds and jump in when you feel it is the right time.

Finding trends and capitalizing on them will depend on the kind of brand vibe you’re going for.

If you have a younger audience who keeps up with any and every online trend, your social media campaign will probably benefit from it.

But if your audience doesn’t care about that sort of thing, you might want to invest your time and resources into something else.

You want to ensure that your brand is authentic and does not deviate from its core values just to ride on a ride. There are plenty of examples of brands that wanted to cash in on a trend, but that backfired on them.


  1. Partner up with influencers.


People have strong opinions about them. Some see them as entertainers and role models, while others see them as uninspiring and fake.

Just think about the Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad. Making an influencer a part of your campaign is not be-all-end-all. In some cases, it can cause substantial harm to your online presence.

But as a business owner, partnering up with influencers that suit your brand voice is a smart move.

When influencers are taken on board based on their relevance to your business, it will generally make the entire campaign more successful.

An example.

You run a coffee import business and have beans imported from across the world. You need a way to reach more people and, hopefully, make more sales.

You stumble across a coffee enthusiast on YouTube. He not only reviews coffee brands but also has a small but captivated audience.

Reaching out to this coffee aficionado might be a match made in heaven. If they have the same values as your brand does, you should work something out instantly.

Not only will the coffee influencer be able to make more videos about coffee, but you will also have access to their audience that you probably didn’t have before.

The metrics of any campaign’s success should be tailored to the needs of your business. Would reaching a general audience be more beneficial for your business, or would a coffee-loving audience be more appropriate?

Only you can tell.


  1. Create branded hashtags and have your audience promote them.

Hashtags are a must-have for platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Think of hashtags this way.

They are a big neon sign that lets you (and the platform’s algorithms) know what your content is about. This, in turn, helps your audience understand what the content is about.

social media hashtags

If you plan on running a social media campaign idea, it might be in your best interest to create a branded hashtag.

A branded hashtag will allow you to raise awareness about your brand and its current campaign.

#ShareACoke is a campaign that you have probably seen or heard of.

Created by Coca-Cola, #ShareACoke is a widely successful branded hashtag. Not only does it directly tell you to buy a coke and share it with someone, but it also makes for a fun social post (which Coca-Cola benefits from).

One piece of advice.

You should say your branded hashtag out loud a couple of times.

Why? Because other people might take a different meaning from it. The #WTFF hashtag from Burger King way back in thousand was meant to stand for What The French Fry. But obviously, people took different meanings from the abbreviation.


  1. Launch giveaways and competitions.

Giveaways and competitions have been in use for a while now, and there’s a good reason they are still being used today.

Receiving a gift from a brand that you personally care about is a special feeling. It helps audiences to form more profound, more physical connections with the brands they see online.

The cost of hosting an online giveaway is minimum.

Participants in the giveaway would automatically share the post and give it more reach if you make it mandatory for participation in the event.

You can further boost the impact of your giveaways by personalizing the gift and focusing mainly on the person receiving it. Sure, you need to have some form of corporate branding, but try to keep things tasteful.

Most people would love to participate in a competition for the chance to win something. Many social media campaign ideas start with the goal of giving people a gift in exchange for social shares and other forms of online engagement.

Your competition needs to be meaningful.

People want to engage with your business in a meaningful way, even if it’s a competition on social media. Consider donating to a cause that your brand resonates with your brands and has the overwhelming support of your audience.


  1. Ask your audience.

Listening to your audience and giving them value is a sign that you care about the impact your business has on people’s lives.

Often, marketers are so involved in the creation process of their social campaigns that they forget their audience’s needs in the process.

Remember. To measure the success of any online campaign, see how your audience responds.

asking your audience in your social media campaigns

If you have been in business for a while, this should not be an issue. But if you’re relatively new and have a limited audience base, have a look at your competitor’s results instead.

Running polls on platforms like Instagram or Twitter is a great way to get deep insights into your audience’s thinking patterns and current mood.

Use these hard to get insights and cater to the desires of your audience.


  1. Go viral.

Easier said than done.

Going viral is what every social media campaign idea dreams of.

The advantages of going viral are many, and we don’t need to go over them in detail. What we should be focusing on is how to make content viral.

Now, there is no definitive guide to making your content go viral.

That being said, you can still have a pretty decent idea if a piece of content will go viral or not.

First of all, it needs to appeal to a relatively broad audience. If you have made content solely for your audience to consume, there is a minimal chance that it will go viral.

You need to be broad enough with your content that it is of interest to people but narrow enough so that you stay on brand.

Enlisting the help of a top celebrity influencer can help your campaign go viral, but even then, you have no guarantees.

All you can do is put in the work, make sure it gets distributed to the right people, and hope that it can encourage people to share it relentlessly online.


  1. Regularly post on your social media profiles.

Now hear me out.

Being consistent online does not go unnoticed.

Once you have built a sizeable audience, you want to keep them engaged. Not having an involved audience shows that either you are inactive online or that you just don’t care about your audience.

The success of all social media campaign ideas depends on several things, one of them being the initial traction it gets from your audience base.

If you can’t convince your core audience to share your content for you online, then how do you expect it to go viral.

Have a regular posting schedule, but don’t be afraid to mix it up. You don’t need to only post super high-quality content all of the time.

These days, both quality and quantity matter on social. You don’t necessarily want to be known as the brand that only posts mediocre content.

Be on time and on point if you want to win on your social media campaign ideas.


  1. Make use of seasonal events.

Seasonal events can be superbly advantageous to your social media campaign ideas.

Holidays and events like Christmas, Black Friday, New year are all special events that can drive conversions through your social media campaign.

Taylor Swift, way back in 2014, took the opportunity and started giving gifts during Christmas. The whole thing became known as “Swiftmas.”

It was a hit. (No surprise there)

Not only did the whole thing gain a lot of traction online, but it also became a memorable event of a global superstar connecting with their fans.

Even if you don’t have the same following as Taylor Swift, you can still get a lot of attention online at these special times throughout the year.

If you’re ready to go the extra mile and have the resources to do so, you can create your own sponsored event. Generally, something like this would work if you have a substantial brand value, presence and are based locally within a community.

An example.

Your cupcake business is based in a small town that has a tight-knit community. Since you are actively engaged within the community, you know that the school plans to go through with some renovations but is a bit short on cash.

So, you launch your social media campaign idea and create an event around the school’s renovations. For every sale you make within a fixed time frame, you will be donating a portion of your profits to the school.

In this sort of event, the school gets much-needed funds, you get brand awareness and recognition (possibly more sales), and your audience sees how engaged you are within the community.

Sure, it does not nearly have the same reach that Swiftmas might have had, but it’s still a viable idea.


  1. Consider having a brand takeover.

Running out of content ideas?

Lacking the inspiration to create something fresh?

Have someone else do the work for you.

Brand takeovers are a relatively recent innovation for social media campaigns. You give complete control over your social accounts to a celebrity or influencer for a day. They have a unique take on your brand and bring their audience with them.

Take your time when finding someone to do a brand takeover.

You want someone who shares similar brand values and has a reasonably sizeable audience for maximum exposure.



Having a fresh social media campaign is not easy these days.

It might feel like everything has already been done. While this may be true to an extent, you can always show your unique brand value through your online campaigns.

Be open to new ideas on social and keep innovating to help your brand not only survive but thrive.