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Be The First

Sign up, add a code to your Website’s HTML head and you are all set to Customize and use it for free.


Identify Leads

Visitor’s insights, browsing activity, user's location, you have all right there to identify potential leads.


Supervise & Engage

With the easy and simple panel, supervise your team and engage your audience with updated analytics

E Chat App Support With Features Other Chat Programs Skipping Out

SwiftChat is a full-fledged customer support software that is flexible to your sales and customers needs. With widget customization, automated messages, and push-notification features, send messages from desktop or mobile proactively. With Chat Tags features lookup topics and chat sessions without having to scroll up in the chat history. From live-screen monitoring, updated analytics and customer-insight reports, you will find SwiftChat live chat app support as a one-stop solution that makes every conversation count.

Offline Msg Support

Help visitors even when you are not around. Allow them to leave messages and reply when you are back.

Color, Text & Design

Want to match chat with Your web design? Customize Chat color, design, and text Just the way you want.


The Best Help Desk for Your Sales-force

SwiftChat customer service chat program is shaped by keeping the hassle of your sales team and visitors’ activities in mind. Empower your sales force to manage heavy traffic effortlessly. With an easy-to-use panel that displays in-depth details about visitors, SwiftChat is the best e chat customer service support system that helps you take proactive decision instantly. Learn from customer data, history, chat-tags, screen- tracking and analytics that help enhancing your customer support experience.

Support Desk Or Mobile

Chat with visitors from mobile or desktop. Walk and talk for uninterrupted conversation

Live Screen Monitoring

Know your visitors activity with continuous live screen monitoring for in depth view.


With SwiftChat Software - It’s Just That Easy

SwiftChat is best live chat software for website intended to provide an instant way to get connected with real-time active visitors on your site. With a wide range of features, such as widget customization, live monitoring, and detailed visitors insights enhance your experience meaningfully. With SwiftChat, you can collect customer’s data, their performance report and strengthen your sales on a daily basis.

Fastest Way to Capture Leads

Power of acquiring quality leads lies in quick and proactive engagements. Catch more leads and close more sales

A Chat is Worth a Million Emails

Instantly resolve customer’s cases, and initial inquiries right on the spot without delaying emails and phone calls.


It’s Fast, Free & Effortless

Start using SwiftChat an ultimate sales tool to provide great customer services

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